Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hey CNN: nice one. Give this guy a platform to equate same-sex marriage with the slave trade. The problem with people like James Dobson is that they get TOO MUCH press, not too little.

Admit it: you wouldn't publish this sort of crap if Dobson were writing about mixed-race marriages — because the poll numbers don't support it (40 years ago it was different).

But once a critical mass of the population endorses a form of bigotry, the bigots get a CNN forum so they can parade their numbers. Humph — I suppose the social responsibility of the press ends where the ratings begin. But that's always been the case: it's why you show so little of the civilian casualties in the Iraq War. You wouldn't want to introduce a conflict for the patriotic right-to-lifers, because they'll just change the channel to Fox.

Next time someone like Dobson wants to gag up some hatred from the back of "God's" throat, he should do it on his own dime.



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