Monday, April 17, 2006

Person Pretending To Be Chase Bank

Re: Customer Survey - Get $20 Reward

If I didn't respond to your first six awkward, fraudulent, illegal, and identical solicitations of my banking information, what makes you think I would respond to the seventh? Did you think your labeling of this particular message as "high priority" would carry the day?

Let's review:

(1) I am not an existing customer of Chase bank,
(2) the emails you send purport to come from "," but the mock-ups of Chase logos in your email purport to be from ","
(3) I do no personal business from this email address (so you'd have no reason to have it in your "customer database"), and
(4) when I hover my cursor over the "link" to your "survey," I see that I will not be taken to "" at all, but instead to some other URL of mysterious origin.

But notwithstanding all these caveats and the six earlier failures, I'm now going to surrender all my [nonexistent] account information on your "survey," because you've taken the additional step of flagging your message as "important?" Come on.

I understand that if you had any modest understanding of consumer decisionmaking you'd be in the marketing business, and not identity theft and online fraud. Honestly, though, do you think I'm completely thick?



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