Saturday, May 20, 2006

Apple Store

I've got hold of your script, and I've decided to audition for the job of Apple Store "Genius." Let me know how I do.

Scene 1.

Customer 1: Can you fix my iPod?
Me as Genius: No, we can't, but you can buy a new one.

Scene 2.

Customer 2: Can you fix my laptop?
Me as Genius: Yes, I can, but you'd have to pay me a gazillion dollars. Why don't you go to one of these other authorized repair shops?

Scene 3.

Customer 3: I'd like to redeem this $50 store credit I acquired through the class action claims process.
Me as Genius: Well, you can't. You can only redeem it if you mail-order something. We're a gigantic computer company, but we're not technologically capable of punching your redemption code into the computers at our counter.

How did I do? Did I get the job?



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