Friday, March 03, 2006

Re: [DCG-37687]: iPod case

Well, this is frustrating because I was told I could return the iPod case for a full refund. In my correspondence with your fellow Customer Supporters, no one ever mentioned assessing a 30% Repackaging Fee because I'd opened the product. As for "stretching out" the case, as you suggest, I'm skeptical. And I certainly wasn't willing to cram my iPod in there for a week to "stretch out" the case, at which point I don't doubt I'd be told I couldn't return it because it was all bent out of shape.

I had assurances the case would fit. I opened the box, tried to put the iPod in the case, and it didn't fit. If I hadn't opened the box, I would never have known it didn't fit. What's a guy with a naked iPod to do?



Blogger chumgrinder said...

How about a 15% restocking charge for "restocking" a FAULTY PART?

I ordered a Combo Drive for a client. The drive that came would read DVDs but not CDs. The unit actually had a label on it saying, "The apparatus has been assembled from piece parts from the trial-run and thus not intended for measurements as it doesn't meet the requirements of the specification." I asked to return it for a refund, but they spent two weeks trying to persuade me to exchange it instead (which I wasn't interested in because the client had already taken his machine elsewhere). Finally they gave in and gave me a refund, minus a 15% restocking fee. Good luck to the next guy who gets this drive.

Several months ago, I bid and won an auction offered by these folks for a laptop replacement LCD screen advertised as a specific Apple part number. The next day I got email telling me the part was out of stock and backordered. They were auctioning off stuff they didn't really have, and meanwhile I have a client waiting. When I got the part, it was missing assembly fittings that are always included in that Apple part -- they said the auction didn't include those parts.

Two big strikes, these guys are out of my Rolodex.

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