Thursday, April 26, 2007

Scott Miller, CBS Sportsline

You wrote:

"The Mariners had their league-leading sixth game washed out on Tuesday, in Texas, and you have to wonder: What did they do to tee off Mother Nature?"

Well, Scott — they DID filibuster the first game of that Cleveland series, knowing full well what the weather forecast was for the rest of the weekend.

So certainly one of those five makeup games lands in the M's fault column. And maybe Mother Nature (a/k/a Karma?) threw another rainout at them, to make up for what might not have been "dirty pool" exactly, but was certainly a Machiavellian gesture at Jacobs Field that Friday.

Subtract two games from the six — the Game the M's Sought to Postpone and the Karma Game — and they're down to only 4 weather-related postponements. That's about where a team like, say, CLEVELAND is right now, right?

Pardon me if I'm not reaching for the handkerchief when I think of Seattle's scheduling predicament.